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Launching ASMR into the Metaverse

March 02, 2022

We started xtingles on the single mission to help ASMR artists break free from the censorship and limitations of Web2 platforms while assisting artists in monetizing their digital artworks via NFTs and their respective utilities. 

Since our launch in September of 2021, xtingles has had the privilege to serve more than eighty-five thousand collectors and dozens of artists through our marketplace. We’re thrilled to have witnessed record-breaking sales on our platform week after week and grateful to have received continuous support from both ASMR and NFT communities. 


In 2022, we want to create a greater impact and bring ASMR to a wider audience.


xtingles will soon become a multi-chain launchpad for ASMR NFTs that offers Web3 utility integrations with the Metaverse. Our vision is to build the largest ASMR Web3 Network, empowering artists and collectors to bring ASMR culture to the new ‘Digital Renaissance’ of the Metaverse. 


To jumpstart our new transition in the coming weeks, we are currently preparing for our biggest NFT launch yet - the 10,000 ASMR PFP Collection. Our 10K collection of bright, bold, and appealing designs will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain

For our current holders of xtingles NFTs, we have initiated an OG List program in our Discord to ensure early contributors are prioritized to participate in presale and mint from the 10,000 ASMR PFP Collection. 

We want to expand the joy, pride, and flair of ASMR for all future generations - that's why we are launching our 10K ASMR NFT Collection into the Metaverse. 

Let’s embark on this journey together! Join our Discord for more updates!

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