The Ride by ASMR Japan


ASMR Japan presents: "The Ride"

ASMR JAPAN is a Youtube channel created by ex-pat Peruvian-American Victor Boggio who has been living in Japan for almost 30 years. The videos on this channel preserve the dying art of traditional Japanese barbershops as well as other uniquely Japanese experiences from nature to language from all over Japan.

In a fast-paced, quickly changing world few people have the luxury of time — time to sit still and enjoy a long relaxing haircut. The Japanese barbers featured on this channel are literally a dying breed. With the competition of hairdressers and chain barbershops that spit out customers every 10 minutes, few can afford — or care to take the time — to experience a cut, shampoo, shave, ear-cleaning, and massage and the up to 3 hours these sessions require to reach the end of their journeys. But it is during these sessions that both the client and barber enter a world populated with the “chokichoki” sound of the scissors, the swishing sound of shampoo on scalp and hair, and the “jorijori“ of a straight razor scraping off facial bristles.

With the cooperation of traditionally trained barbers and state-of-the-art microphones and SLR cameras, each video painstakingly captures a visually and auditory experience few have had the opportunity to experience themselves. The collectible NFTs released on xtingles platform are an opportunity to come along on these immersive journeys.

The first two NFTs feature two very popular Barbers who each have cult followings on the ASMR JAPAN channel. The first drop is “The Ride” and is inspired by the barber, the barbershop itself, and the surrounding architecture and natural phenomenon. The second is “Taking Care of the Wolf” a relaxing and soothing bath of sounds and stress-erasing audio.

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