Bliss with Lev by Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron presents: "Bliss with Lev"

“Bliss with Lev,” Lev's debut NFT art, is a calming and meditative ASMR art piece that was created by xtingle's art team in collaboration with YouTube sensation, Lev Cameron.

“Lev and I discussed about coming up with an art piece that would be calming and meditative. We were brainstorming on ways we could visually and sonically showcase those qualities. Eventually, we decided on coming up with a scenery that would capture the viewer and make them feel relaxed. Lev recorded his voice, speaking words that would evoke those sensations. The result is a scenic animation looping endlessly with a relaxing ASMR recording that induces a state of relaxation”, said xtingle’s Art Director.

Lev Cameron is a YouTuber, rapper, dancer, and actor. He has done YouTube for almost 2 years, gaining over 2 million subscribers. He has been on different tv shows including; Little big shots, Dancing with the Stars Jr, and So You Think You Can Dance. He is 16 years old, and is planning to achieve much more!

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