A Thousand Voices by Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep & Relax ASMR presents: “A Thousand Voices”

Sleep & Relax ASMR is a weekly podcast that creates audio experiences to help people rest and relax. George's founder & host creates content wherever he travels, from the USA to Costa Rica and many other places. 

Each episode created for the podcast has a story. Usually, George envisions a scene or story and either record or find adequate audio clips to make that story come to life in listener's ears. The goal is to create immersive, relaxing, unique sound experiences. The NFTs that will be dropped on xtingle's platform has their own unique story and inspiration, which you can read.

The initial collection featured exclusively on xtingles features two unique Sleep & Relax ASMR audio tracks, drawing inspiration from different points. "Lluvia en Estereo" is inspired by the power of ambiance, the external world, whereas "A Thousand Voices" is inspired by the creative process and the internal thoughts that create creative energy, as well as distraction. 

Sleep & Relax ASMR can be found here on this website, https://www.sleepandrelaxasmr.com/, and on every major podcast directory, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify etc.

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