Tingly Bubbles by Blissful Zen ASMR


Blissful Zen ASMR presents: "Tingly Bubbles"

xtingles is excited to be working with Blissful Zen ASMR on releasing this unique "Tingly Bubbles" NFT drop that captivates oneself with an immersion of relaxation sound bubbles.

More about Blissful Zen ASMR:

It's Blissful Zen and his duty is to tingle you up like the snake charmer! As an ASMRtist he specializes in fast and aggressive ASMR accompanied with gentle and calming triggers. His intentions are not only to help you relax or sleep but also to make you laugh with some subtle humor in his ASMR along with empowering positive affirmations to empower you.

Link to his Youtube channel:


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