Winter's Coat by Rapunzel ASMR


Rapunzel ASMR presents: "Winter's Coat"

xtingles is excited to work on a Winter Collaboration with Rapunzel ASMR, a respected figure within the ASMR space. She has started her ASMR channel in 2014 and has accumulated more than 170 million lifetime views. Her followers listen to her magnetic voice every night for a good night's sleep.

Ann, aka Rapunzel ASMR, resides in Belgium. Creating ASMR videos has been her profession and passion for years now. She loves experimenting with various equipment and setups to make the tingliest content possible. Ann is also continuously looking to improve and make her content better. Her audience loves the ear cleanings and scalp checks just like she does, as well as her medical ASMR content. Although it is her current focus, she'd love to do more green screen and special effects work in the future.

Learn more about her channel here:

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