Stairway to Heaven by kumoxel


kumoxel presents: "Stairway to Heaven"

Collection Description:

Each stair I climb, memories flash up in my eyes.

Freed from the gravity, I'm floating in between our memories. '

Shooting stars pass by, I'm at the stairway to heaven.

The clouds filled my eyes, to find the happiest place in me.

As I climb through the stairs, your laugh is music to my ears. Just a little more patience, I'm on my way to see you again.

This series is a collection of stairways, shaping itself influenced by the spirit's path to heaven. Every soul has a story to tell, hoping to find their euphoria by reflecting leftover feelings, regrets, and longings. So let us witness this fragile yet beautiful journey. Each artwork is modeled and animated in voxels.

Author Bio:

Clouds, sky, and space have always fascinated me. Slowly swaying through time, they paint our sphere painfully beautiful. Amidst all the uncertainty of the world, they fill us with hope, mystery, adventure, and dreams.

Hoping my art will interpret their side of the fantasy, I aspire to be the translator of what they paint above us.

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