In this new generation of the metaverse, every 10K project and every avatar is up for grabs, and the process of getting rich is just a matter of moments. Before we can discuss the meaning of Beeple's 5,000 days and the inner world of CryptoPunks, their prices are already skyrocketing. A tweet from Elon Musk「Humankind 煮豆燃豆萁 豆在釜中泣 本是同根生 相煎何太急」Before the world has time to understand, a bunch of tokens have already shot up to the sky. In this work, "Rush(急,Jí)” takes the harmony of “Best(極,Jí)”, presenting the NFT wave, many works are “rush(ed)” to become the “best" before they are understood, and the price was pushed up to crazy levels that everyone envied. We rush to taste, rush in and rush out, ape in and ape out, creating one NFT after another, and another, yet another….
急品 Jí Pǐn (Urgent product)
Sound of Calligraphy by Dr. Ju
Price: 69.99 FUSD
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