Signatures(簽名,Chyān Míng) are the most important part of a finished product, like author verification. In the world of blockchain, signature is also a verification and a confirmation, representing decentralized recognition. In art creation, signature also represents the existence of characteristics in the creation like the author's signature, such as painting style and color; this work "Signatweet(簽鳴,Chyān Míng)" adopts the key word “Signature" as the expression of the work, but also adds the element of “Tweet” as an unspoken sound, so that the original calligraphy depicts the author's online nickname dAAAb as "signature", but also through the additional and careful sound recording, the vivid sound generated during the signature while making calligraphy, let the sound generated by the signature become another kind of "signature tweet" which the calligraphy work also become the cover photo used by the author on Twitter as The Signature, as well as his symbol in the online world.
簽鳴 Chyān Míng (Signatweet)
Sound of Calligraphy by Dr. Ju
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